Artist statement

Nature is my first inspiration. I often paint open spaces: seascapes, mountains, fields. I paint a lot of fields. I’ve joked about this with friends. But what are these places, really? They are power; a very different kind of power than people like to establish. Nature has its own command, its own rule. And no matter what we do as a species, nature will have final say. We must listen. I paint landscapes to remind myself to listen because in order to paint those landscapes, I must slow down and listen.

When I explore other subjects, a person, a cityscape, an abstract, I strive to allow the same feelings evoked by an open field, a mountain vista, or a tree line into my work. It is for a sense of freedom, belonging, and peace that I paint. I hope that energy translates in the experience of viewing my work.

– Neil Brookshire

Painting of the Week

“Sunrise” 9×12 acrylic on canvas board, ©2017

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