Stage Plays

Richard the Umpteenth
Richard, an aging white artistic director of a prominent theater, is dethroned after his most recent directing project. He then embarks on a revengeful and darkly comic journey. (In development)

Then is the World One
Brandon finds solace and belonging in his high school drama department, away from his tumultuous and unpredictable home life. Inspired by true events, this coming of age story examines the fertile years of young adulthood, love, art, and ultimately the power of choosing one's own destiny. (In development)

Bent Compass
A solo play co-authored with Colin Sesek, based on true stories of Colin's deployment as an Army Medic in Iraq in 2006-07. Read more...


In this 1960s back-to-the-land story, a young man hired to help rebuild an old farm must find a way to mend a fractured family after tragedy threatens to tear them apart. Adapted from the novel, A Country Called Home, by Pulitzer Prize nominated author, Kim Barnes. Read more...

Short Films
Get in the Truck - A band of indie filmmakers is trying to perfect a shot. Attention to detail is everything. Available on Prime Video.

Upper Fields - Three brothers return home to discover their inheritance is not what they anticipated. Available on Prime Video.

Flesh & Blood - An estranged son in a life threatening crisis unexpectedly visits his father to ask a single question. Available on Prime Video.

Audio Plays

College senior, Nicholas Leving, is hired by a friend in the theater department to do basic surveillance because of recent safety reports. When the young woman who hires him is found beaten after opening night, everything he thinks he knows about the situation is thrown into question.

This audio play aired on KBSU Student Radio as well as KUNM in New Mexico. Produced in 2001.

Son Struck
A desperate father hires college age Private Investigator, Nicholas Leving, to find his son and recover stolen property. Nick travels from Idaho to Washington D.C. on his quest. (Unproduced).

St. Scotty
Navy nurse, Gretchen Scott, is stationed in Guam at the tale end of World War II, where she meets and falls in love with combat correspondent, Will. As the world conflict comes to an end, their love is tested by the atrocities of war and personal ambitions.

Co-written with Jack O'Donnell, based on his stage play of the same name. (Unproduced).

It Sounds Like a Christmas Carol
Join Carol and Fred, an actor and a sound engineer, who are thrown together during an intense winter storm, tasked with last-minute fixes to an audiobook version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Carol is not happy to be there. Fred is an eleventh-hour sub who does not know the story. 

Co-written by, and featuring, Neil Brookshire and Cassandra Bissell. With Noah Simon. Special sound effects by Jeff Rice. Directed, edited, and produced by Neil Brookshire. Presented by Peninsula Players in December 2020.

The Dust of Death
Death looms over London. A lethal plague is spreading from person to person, causing turmoil and havoc. Adapted from one of the most frighting and captivating science-fiction novels of the early 20th Century. Can Dr. Label and Dr. Hubert find the source and treatment of the plague before all of London is wiped-out?

Adapted from “The Dust of Death: The Story of the Great Plague of the Twentieth Century” by Fred Merrick White. Commissioned and produced by Peninsula Players as part of The Play's the Thing series in February 2021.

A Shock to London
Also (loosely) adapted from "The Dust of Death" by Fred Merrick White, this version puts the original story through a comic wash. It's the same disaster and the same characters with the added spice of the absurd.

Can Dr. Label and Dr. Hubert find the source and treatment of the plague before all of London is wiped-out? Is Dr. Label actually a crack-pot? Will Dr. Hubert find love? These questions may not be answered with this adaptation either. (Unproduced).